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IBC Tote Mixer

Oct 15

IBC Tote Mixers is a pneumatic mixer that uses compressed air to operate and can be used with any size IBC container. It features collapsible mixing impellers that fit through the standard IBC lid opening and open up to provide agitation inside the container when the mixer is turned on.

This agitator is the fastest tote mixer on the market thanks to its efficient vertical 'bottom-up' gravity mixing process. It's the same technique used by a 1-gallon paint shaker and it allows operators to quickly blend any type of high viscosity liquid or high solid liquid in minutes at any liquid level within the IBC tote tank container.

It's easy to use too! The agitator is fully portable, lightweight and can be easily maneuvered by one person. It can also be used with multiple containers at once. A Stainless Steel lifting hoop provides easy mounting for tote handling or attachment to an industrial tote pump.

These mixers are perfect for re-homogenizing or remixing a wide range of products in corrugated tote tanks, bag in box liquid totes or polyurethane foam insulated totes. They can also be used for resupending and mixing settled solids in these containers too. The large bubble air mixing process is non-shear and will not damage the LDPE plastic liner or insulating soft foam in these re-usable intermediate bulk containers.

Compared to mechanical, impeller style tote mixers, these all-pneumatic IBC agitators are much faster and easier to handle. They're designed to be tough enough for abrasive applications but lightweight so that they can be lifted by a single person and used in any environment.

The sanitary IBC tote mixer process works by sequentially injecting bursts of compressed air or gas through a stainless steel mixing probe mounted on the IBC tote lid bung hole. The powerful mixing action causes the air to force up huge flat air mixing bubbles that instantly create an instant vertical blending motion in the liquid. The tote agitator can be used at any liquid level and will not contaminate the product or cause shear.

These IBC tote agitators are easy to clean and are available in food grade versions for use with liquid foods. They're also sanitary and safe for chemical processing applications and will not oxidize a product or entrain air with the liquids like many other mechanical tote agitators.

IBC tote agitators are made of all Stainless Steel. This makes them extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and corrosion. They are also very easy to clean and can be disassembled for cleaning or maintenance.

These IBC tote agitators come with a choice of different motors ranging from 1/2 HP direct drive mixers or 5 HP gear drive mixers. The motors are TEFC, industrial grade, and are manufactured by Baldor. This means they're incredibly quiet and efficient while operating. They are rated for continuous duty operation and come with a 1 year warranty. These industrial tote agitators are easy to install, simple to use and provide the fastest IBC tote tank agitation on the market!

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