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Jan 6
These 5 Instagram-approved organizing tips will help you tidy your entire home.

Tip #1: Create Categories

Maybe you want to tackle the junk drawer... or organize your storage space. Regardless if the project is large or small- one of the best tips is to start by categorizing items by the action they are used for. Categorizing by action is the key to being able to access items with ease.   When you have a space that is organized into categories of action, it will make all of your items easier to find.

Tip #2: Get Creative with Storage Space

When determining where to store items, think of the options available in your house. Do you have a storage space? Does it have shelves? A closet or a space to hang items? Is there space to add a rack? Wall space to add a shelf? Hooks? Can you add drawers? Is there extra space on the floor to add containers, bins or shelves? Possibly some hanging storage space on a wall or the back of a door? A cabinet with shelves or drawers... maybe extra space under the bed for containers or bins.


Keep in mind that there is usually vertical space in most rooms that is underutilized and when getting organized. There are several ways to create a system so that all of your items have a designated home. Sometimes it is helpful to think of all the ideas for storing items before committing to the one that works for your space.

Tip #3: Vertical Organization Tips

As you create your organized space, look for opportunities to store vertical as opposed to horizontal when possible. Inside cabinets you can keep books, trays, lids, and even file folding clothing to which allows you to see what you have.   You can also stack items on shelves to save space and stay organized.


When it comes to closets, you’ll want to make sure everything is visible, so you know where things are and what you have. Use bins and baskets to store items like hats, gloves, scarves or toys.  Storage can also be found by making use of unused wall space. Hang shelves to organize items like books, photos, collectibles or anything else you might want to display in your home.

Tip #4: Labels

The trick with labels is to be specific enough that everyone in the family knows where things belong and yet broad enough to grow with you over time. Labels need to be easy to read and again inspiring... the more inspiring the space looks, the easier it is to find the motivation to maintain it.


There are several options for labels. It often depends on the bin or container- some need bin clips while others the label can attach directly to the container.


There are pre-made labels online that are like stickers and this option works well when the categories are all standard and there aren't too many of any single category in the set. For example, we once did a pantry that we had to order 8 sets of labels just to have enough "nuts" as the client and her family loved a variety of nuts in the pantry.


Professional organizers will most often print labels on-site. This gives more flexibility in case there are non-standard items or a large quantity of any single item.


Another option is custom vinyl labels. These are usually created using a Cricut or other cutting machine. The process is time consuming but so satisfying when complete. There is no end to the options for font, size and color when using this option.

Tip #5: Containers and Bins

Another one of our favorite home organization tips is to use storage bins and containers to keep items contained but be sure that your selection allows you to see and access items with ease. Acrylic bins are a great way to maintain categories and maintain visibility. However, if the idea is to decrease visual clutter the acrylic may not be the best option and baskets or solid colored bins may be more appealing.


One tip to stay organized is to be sure that the supplies you choose when creating a functional system are also inspiring to you. Determining if you will use boxes, bins or baskets is a matter of personal preference.


Home organization is more than storage systems for the junk drawer and storing pots and pans.

Home organization is about creating systems that optimize your life.