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Common homeowner mistakes that could Lead to Roof destruction

Jun 18


Regular roof maintenance is essential if you want to ensure your roof in Black Hawk SD is well taken good care of. Homeowners can take a few steps to avoid roof damage. According to Teamwork Exteriors' roof experts this is the most common issues to stay clear of with your roof.

Basketball hoops: Hanging up

Hanging a basketball hoop from the exterior of your house could lead to the possibility of leaks and a strain on your roofing. A hoop that is attached to the pole which is unattached from the home could help to reduce stress on your roofing materials.

Installation of a Satellite Dish

Installing a satellite dish at home will also put more stress on the roofing materials. Even with a professional installation, satellite technicians are not a roofing expert. Installing an under-eave bracket is the only safe method to mount an antenna without damaging your roof.

Power Washing on the Roof

Cleaning your roof using a power washer is the easiest way to clean the gutters and remove debris. Power washers can get rid of the shingles and granules easily. A professional roofer is the best option to prolong the longevity of your roof.

Hanging Christmas Lights

Nailing or stapling Christmas ornaments on your roof could damage roofing materials. Moving around your roof to place lights may also cause harm to the roof materials. Installing brackets for mounting using your gutters, or hanging lights from the windows or around your shrubs is a better option.


Installation of New Vents and Skylights

A residential roofing specialist is advised for major roof modifications. It is essential to speak with an expert to install skylights or roof ventilation. This will enable you to keep your roofing systems in good condition and ensure that they are well-sealed.


If you reside in Black Hawk SD and In need of assistance in repairing your roof It is recommended that you contact a professional roofers in the Black Hawk area of SD. When working with the general roofing contractor, you can be sure that the process of roof repair is done efficiently and with complete attention to local building codes, safety expectations and much more.

Completing Measurements Correctly

Untrue measurements could result in your roof being a distraction from the overall appearance of your house. It may also lead to problems with your roofing structure and leaks. A professional contractor will be able to complete measurements correctly and make sure that your roof looks at its best and be sealed correctly.

Protection and warranty

Your roofing contractor in Omaha Nebraska is able to offer adequate protection and a warranty. A roofing professional can swiftly repair any issue when pipes, or other components fail or electrical outlets stop working near your roofing system.


Proper license and insurance

Roofs aren't always safe and it is crucial to hire an insured and licensed business.

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