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How do you choose the ideal family portrait session location

Jan 30


After determining the date and time of your session, deciding on the perfect location is the second most important aspect. Puretouch Photography shoots all sessions outdoors in natural lighting (except for newborn sessions) since it fits our photography style best and allows children to be themselves ..... as well as the parents!

We'll ask questions about your family, you, and your lifestyle, including the things you love about your family, and what you would want to achieve with the products. Then we'll help you determine the best place to live.


Our favorite locations have been chosen as spots where we can make a private space for you and your family, with flattering light, a variety of stunning backdrops, and most important, protection from the sun's glare or wind. Because of this, we have found that large reserve areas beaches, parks, and parks are ideal as they offer plenty of room for movement.


The first step is to select a type of location:

1. Bush setting

This is the most frequently requested option. If your family loves to camp and hike, go on walks or generally get outdoors We have a wonderful bushland reserve in the vicinity that has plenty of wonderful photo spots. There won't be any other visitors, making it easier to just be you and enjoy a relaxing time in the woods.

2. Park

Think lawns, flower beds and rows of trees. If your children prefer running races and playing on the lawn, the park might be the perfect place for you. We recommend staying well away from playgrounds, however, since you'll have better photos if children are at ease with the family.


3. Beach

Las Vegas has many beautiful beaches. If your family is most at home on the beach there is a Las Vegas family photographer who can create your perfect photos. Photoshoots at the beach in Las Vegas are best done during the morning or late afternoon, as there is extremely little shade. This allows the most effective use of the beautiful, pleasing lighting.


You can find the perfect dog-friendly beach or one that has grasslands nearby, the beach box or pier is sure to create interest.

4. Home

Your home is perfect to host newborn sessions (with the heat turned up) and as a wet-weather alternative in the event that the family photo session can't be rescheduled - ie. Visit family and celebrate special events. We do prefer outdoor options but unless you have an impressive garden and a vast house, home activities aren't always easy to block out the background. That said, the children are at ease and there aren't any weather-related issues to deal with, so home sessions can be a great idea for some families.

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