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All About the Runtz Strain of Marijuana in 2022

Jan 14

The Runtz strain is a member of the very hyped Cookie family, as is highly sought after due to being the baby of its very popular parent strains, Gelato #33 and Zkittlez. Inherited from its parents, Runtz strain's buds come in an array of colors ranging from white, vibrant purple to bright lime green, and its sugary sweet scent and fruity flavor make it a delicious treat.

Taste and Effects of The Runtz Strains

As an even and balanced hybrid strain, this strain has varying levels of THC and CBD, although it provides a very strong high that first-time smokers need to be wary of. Users have noted that Runtz strain is perfect for relieving anxiety and melting away stress and pain. Runtz strain blankets the user in positivity and euphoric happiness and expands the creativity of the mind, making it the perfect strain to try before watching a movie or listening to music.

These two cultivars are known all over the world for their potency, dessert-like tastes, and impressive productivity. Runtz boasts an even sweeter taste than both of her parents, and her buds are considerably more powerful. As a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, she produces large and plump flowers featuring a dark green body contrasted by bright pink and purple sugar leaves.

Growing Runtz Strains

Runtz adapts well to both indoor and outdoor growing environments and puts out a worthwhile return after a brief flowering period of 8–9 weeks. Plants grown inside are capable of reaching 130cm in height and producing up to 500g/m². Outdoor plants surge to 180cm and produce around 400–450g/plant with a THC content of 27%, beginner and intermediate smokers need to approach Runtz with caution. Such a high level of the cannabinoid catalyzes a long-lasting and intense psychoactive effect. Smoke this strain during chilled nights in or days off to fully enjoy her potent effects. Her colorful flowers are full of tasty terpenes bursting with flavors of candy and fruit. Humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene dominate the tasty mixture of flavors.

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Is Runtz a good bedtime strain?

Too many puffs of Runtz can put even an experienced user to bed early. So, yes. It’s an excellent bedtime, bud. Try cooking with the strain, making yummy brownies or cookies for a bedtime snack, and putting yourself out for the night. 

Should I try Runtz if I’m new to smoking cannabis?

The Runtz strain is a potent flower. It contains 29.1% THC, which is very strong and might be overwhelming for a new user. Although it smells like candy, it’s a powerful exotic strain that can even knock daily users to the ground. Experienced consumers need to take it slow with these popular exotic buds.

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